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Readers, meet “The Selby”!

31 Jan

Like the title say, readers meet The Selby a 1000 sq. feet Brooklyn, NY home. Am I the only one, who wants to live here?!?       I would almost kill for that art piece/sculpture over the fireplace! It´s magnificent..

I read about The Selby at: This Blog

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Ruffled Burlap Lampshade tutorial!

31 Jan

Don´t this lamp look amazing? I found the tutorial on how to make this lampshade!

Where I found it? On this really cool site that shares tutorials and inspiration every day. The site is called: Tatertots and Jello! The tutorial made by a guest on the page, basically shows you step by step how to create the lampshade. Curious? So look it up!! HERE

I´m running to the stores tomorrow!

Maggie ❤

Knitted Stools

30 Jan

From time to time, I love to go online an find new stuff that I love. My current favorite site is Design Milk. Just (10 min ago) found these stools on the page and I just love them! Don´t you?

The patterns and the depths is just fascinating to me! These knit stools were created by the British textile Designer Claire-Anne O´Brien. She basically created old-fashioned stools, with a modern twist. I mean i´ve seen a number of knitted stools, but NOT like this!

I did not know knitting could be so fresh and modern!

“The effect invokes depth and texture with an overall playful sensibility. The variety of bright colors and chunky patterns makes it really hard to choose a favorite. What a clever way of taking knitting to a whole new level.”  quoted from: Design Milk Article

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What about a tree on the wall?

28 Jan



I have always found it fascinating with trees on the wall. I honestly don´t know why it´s fascinating, but I find it calming with some nature elements indoors. (Even though it´s wallpaper)

So tell me what do you think?

 This one is my favorite! The contrast against the white wall is really strong and powerful! I also found these pictures, which uses the tree not only as decor, but in an original “functional” way: 

This last one, is also pretty cool!

Maggie ❤

27 Jan

Fancy an arm chair bathtub?

27 Jan

A couple of hours ago I found this really cool bathtub created by Thomas Linssen as a continuation of his graduation projects! After thinking about it for a couple of hours, I decided to share it with you guys. Not only is it stylish and modern, It looks extremely comfortable! I guess everything that looks like an armchair , would automatically seem comfortable though! So it´s really a creative/genious idea!

Guess what!?! The bathtub is made of polyester. Which I think is crazy!

Who would not love having a bathtub        like this one? He started with a simple sketch of a bathtub and let it evolve ! The tub has a wooden frame made by American White Oak, and it´s actually visible from inside the bathtub.

Thomas himself said “For this project I took the frame of a chair, designed with comfort and posture in mind, and let it evolve into a bathtub. The base of the bath is defined by its oak-wood ‘skeleton’, the composite tub slightly puffs up between the wooden beams, pushed into this shape naturally through water pressure.”

Studio Thol:  Thomas Linssen´s Homepage!

I think I´m going to take a bubbly bath now 🙂

Maggie ❤

What an unique solution!

27 Jan


24 Jan


24 Jan

A dear friend of mine (You know who you are!), just told me about this amazing webpage. Why is it amazing? It`s the perfect way to daydream! So basically,this website consists of pictures found on the web. The page is based on that people rate the pictures after how much they LOVE/HEART them!

I love to daydream about bookshelfs, you can call it a fetish of mine. But I`m actually collecting books for my future bookshelf. I love books! My dream is to have a bookshelf from the floor to the ceiling, with an oldfashion ladder..  So to make this dream come true I collect books so that my friends think my favourite hobby is reading (believe me it`s not). Why they think so? Because everytime we go shopping i buy a book. The thruth is that I start reading them but never finish!

The webpage this article is about: WeHeartIt 

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Tableware, that tells you what to cook!

24 Jan

Dan Golden, a New York  based art & design studio designed a collection of tableware

and pillows for CB2. The pieces launched about a week ago. This collection consists of clean-lined tableware with a modern twist.

I am definitely buying a couple of plates, when my payday comes. I´m a sucker for tableware, unfortunately.. And how can I not love plates, that “tell” you what to cook!! I love how a simple plate can become

so funny and modern at once and still remain classic! It just makes me want to cook and serve it on a Dan Golden Plate.

Where to buy it? Click here for Dan Golden´s Tableware

Maggie ❤

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