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24 Jan


24 Jan

A dear friend of mine (You know who you are!), just told me about this amazing webpage. Why is it amazing? It`s the perfect way to daydream! So basically,this website consists of pictures found on the web. The page is based on that people rate the pictures after how much they LOVE/HEART them!

I love to daydream about bookshelfs, you can call it a fetish of mine. But I`m actually collecting books for my future bookshelf. I love books! My dream is to have a bookshelf from the floor to the ceiling, with an oldfashion ladder..  So to make this dream come true I collect books so that my friends think my favourite hobby is reading (believe me it`s not). Why they think so? Because everytime we go shopping i buy a book. The thruth is that I start reading them but never finish!

The webpage this article is about: WeHeartIt 

Maggie ❤

Tableware, that tells you what to cook!

24 Jan

Dan Golden, a New York  based art & design studio designed a collection of tableware

and pillows for CB2. The pieces launched about a week ago. This collection consists of clean-lined tableware with a modern twist.

I am definitely buying a couple of plates, when my payday comes. I´m a sucker for tableware, unfortunately.. And how can I not love plates, that “tell” you what to cook!! I love how a simple plate can become

so funny and modern at once and still remain classic! It just makes me want to cook and serve it on a Dan Golden Plate.

Where to buy it? Click here for Dan Golden´s Tableware

Maggie ❤

The Little Design Stall

24 Jan

Welcome guys!

The Little Design Stall is my little baby project. I´ve always wanted share the stuff that I love, so why not do it! Whats been keeping me from doing it? A lot of stuff like school, friends and other social stuff that I let come in the way. So here I am again fully motivated to make this an amazing blog about, interior decorating, art, design and much MUCH more!

Hope you LOVE it as much as I do!

Maggie ❤

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