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NU-OVO – “The egg”

29 Feb

The italian architect Paolo Maldott took inspiration from a well known protein source and created a mobile egg. As the buyer can use it for whatever you want. An office? A bed? It´s your choice!


The “shell” is waterproof so you can use it as your own personal space indoors and outdoors. The egg can be closed by sliding the door, and has enough space for two people.


I got the inspiration from: Modernarchitectureconsept

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The Bold, but Beautiful GUDPAKA LAMP, by GT2P!

28 Feb

The Alpaca wool lampshade is bold but beautiful…

I do fancy this oversized lampshade made out of alpaca wool.  Alpaca, for those who don´t know is a South American lama like creature with shaggy hair. I the lamp  is bold, fun, creative and beautiful!

I love looking at the lampshade from every single angle! Love it!! It´s created by a Chilean studio, Great Things to People (gt2P)!

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Maple Plywood Circles Table – Michael Arras

27 Feb

I love this table! I have always been fascinated by shapes and figures so this table instantly became a favorite of mine. What do you think?

Found this HERE!

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People as Pixels

26 Feb

I found this at ThisisColossal!

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This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids

26 Feb

I found this amazing, unique, but brilliant installation online. It´s installed at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Ar, artist Yayoi Kusama. The installation, entitled The Obliteration Room, is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs through March 12.  I was inspired by: ThisisColossal

“The first four images courtesy Queensland Art Gallery and photographer Mark Sherwood. Additional images from Stuart Addelsee and hey bubbles.”

A Floating Sauna!

25 Feb

Since I´m norwegian I thought that it´s about time that I blog about something norwegian. I found this floating sauna online at Openbuilding. (The quotes are also from here) The sauna is located in Hardangerfjorden, which is one of the most popular fjords in Norway.

What you can see here is a Finnish sauna room, which can be heated up to 90 C. You can also do it during wintertime, when it´s -20 C outside. A sauna is enjoyed by sitting on the wooden benches throwing cold water at the heated stones.

“Sweat and silence, mental purification and physical maintainance. Anchored in the middle of the fjord, a level of privacy is maintained for bathers. Little winter daylight comes through transparent walls. At night sauna shines as a floating lantern. Access with rowing boat only. Descending swimming straight through the floor of water. Using any kind of soap is prohibited due to ecological reasons. 

This project is possible to construct due to the warm Gulf-stream meeting the west coast of Norway, keeping the sea ice-free the whole year. In Finland sea is mostly ice-covered from December to April, and this sauna should be lifted ashore in wintertime.

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What about some funny plates?

25 Feb

The Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski designed some very funny ceramic plates! 

The fact that he “encourages” us to play with our food is appealing and funny. By using simple drawings, the plates will make your food look completely different.. I will definitely buy some!

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Let´s go here friday night!

24 Feb

Sometimes people just do way to much with their design. Way to much!

I think this restaurant/lounge is a great example, that proves my point. You might not agree, but I think most of you guys would share my point of view! 

This is basically Urban Interior. This extravagant sake bar and lounge is located in a famous shopping district in Tokyo. To be more precise in Omotesando which is in the hip and trendy Harajuku neighborhood. Harajuku is know to be the spot to be if you like observing unique clothing styles. 

The lounge which is created as a student project at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, looks like it´s been swallowed by the monster of poppy colors and strange shapes!

“The wide-open layout and opulent interiors of Urban Interiorites without a doubt captures the imagination of any passersby immediately. The building pushes boundaries and challenges viewers to become completely immersed within the restaurant’s impressive environment where shapes and structural forms appear both novel and familiar to the eye at the same time.” Quote and idéa is from ChicTip!!

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A Sliding House!!

23 Feb

I never thought I would be writing about something so brilliant! The headliner explains it! When I found the article at home designing I had two read it twice just to make sure that I read it correctly. And to my surprise I did! It´s a sliding house! You heard me right!

It looks like a normal house right? Guess again!

“The Sliding House created, by dRMM Architecture does something that we have never seen or heard any another house do – it slides. Besides the visual awe that the slide creates, it gives the control for its residents to adjust the heating, lighting and mood of the home to suit any weather.”

In the video below the owner of this phenomenal house tries to explain it:

Read more about this sliding house at Home Design (quote is from here) and Dezeen.

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A Deeper Look at the Nautilus – The Snail Shell Dwelling

22 Feb

This is the Nautilus! A couple in Naucalpan, Mexico decided that they wanted an unconventional home. So they hired the designer Javier Senosiain’s  and Senosiain Arquitectos to draw a unique, snail-shell shaped house. The house is an amazing combination of colors and shapes. It´s a  work of mind bending architecture and art.

The designer calls the place a sparkling example of  “Bio-Architecture”. “The building is based on the natural principles of organic forms bring us back to local history, tradition and cultural roots, in turn creating harmony with nature.”

Quotes and the pictures are from Inhabitat and Spotcoolstuff.

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