Christians Louboutin´s egyptian retreat!

19 Jul

                  A while back I read in Elle Décor about Christian Louboutin´s holiday retreat in Egypt. The place made an impression on me. I think it was the undone, unfurnitured feeling the place has. I had this weird craving for wanting to furniture the place, but I think thats the charm. That it´s that undone or minimalistic..

“Once a craftsman’s workshop, the building is made of earthen bricks, employing a technique that has been used in Egypt for thousands of years. Louboutin added an additional floor and a rooftop belvedere with views of the surrounding desert. Construction wasn’t easy: In this area, temperatures can fluctuate rapidly, and building materials are often scarce. “A thousand times I thought I was going out of my mind,” he jokes.”

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Quotes and pictures are from Elle Decor! 


Maggie ❤

2 Responses to “Christians Louboutin´s egyptian retreat!”

  1. interiorapartment July 19, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

    wow this is so minimalistic but the furnishings that are in the space are so decadant and have so much character…. love it 🙂 XX Cat

  2. viveka August 26, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Love … it – but I would never be able to live in a home that is so bare .. seen article about his home in France and it’s very lush and colorful. … heavy draperies …

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