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A white study place..

18 Jan

So these days I´m studying for my anatomy finals, unfortunately my study place is not the most appealing. I´m currently occupying the kitchen table and the tiny desk we have in our living room. If you have followed my for a while you know that I have a preference for clean, white and neutral decorating often with a spark of colour. Image

I found this fresh looking workplace at a swedish blog: Hitta Hem.  It´s put together by two swedish interior decorators Marie Ramse and Pella Hedeby. Image

On their blog they have a list of where to buy the furniture and you can also ask them about decorating tips 🙂

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Think I´m going to buy that Ikea desk in the near future. Cant stop drooling over it!

Sources: – Hitta Hem



Maple Plywood Circles Table – Michael Arras

27 Feb

I love this table! I have always been fascinated by shapes and figures so this table instantly became a favorite of mine. What do you think?

Found this HERE!

Maggie ❤

What a difference a pattern can make!

16 Feb

Oh, do I love patterns? I do, I do, I do, I do!

Maggie ❤

Cradle – The Chair

10 Feb

Ever wanted to own a chair that is more comfortable than your bed? The cradle is basically a big basket for adults.

It´s designed based on the concept of providing a safe and relaxing environment to calm your senses. A chair to get away from your 9-5 life. The piece comes flat packed and is made from environmental friendly resources.

Cradle chair designed by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter from Victoria University of Wellington. And It´s actually specifically made for Autistic persons.

I read about the cradle HERE! Click there as well to see more pictures of the cradle..

Maggie ❤

Staircase to Heaven

10 Feb

I love an unique staircase!

Today I found a jaw dropping collection of staircases on design milk. Some of them have unique and amazing colors, some have an extraordinary design while others are just from another world.

Don´t you love them too?

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Maggie ❤

Fancy a creative fireplace design?

1 Feb

When I mention a fireplace the first thing most people think about is a conventional fireplace. You know those old-fashioned ones.. Fireplaces used to be a much more of a functional thing before, but know they are a fashion statement. They serve as a function and if you choose an unique one they can also be a statement. A fireplace can set the mood for the whole room!

Well while I was surfing online today I found  these unconventional, creative, modern fireplaces. They are all beautiful in their own unique way, and that´s why I wanted to share them with you!

Do I dream of having one? Not really, I tend towards more traditional design when it comes to fireplaces. But I still LOVE over these!

I found the extraordinary fireplaces: Here and here.

You can also press the links if you want to see more designs.

Maggie ❤

Knitted Stools

30 Jan

From time to time, I love to go online an find new stuff that I love. My current favorite site is Design Milk. Just (10 min ago) found these stools on the page and I just love them! Don´t you?

The patterns and the depths is just fascinating to me! These knit stools were created by the British textile Designer Claire-Anne O´Brien. She basically created old-fashioned stools, with a modern twist. I mean i´ve seen a number of knitted stools, but NOT like this!

I did not know knitting could be so fresh and modern!

“The effect invokes depth and texture with an overall playful sensibility. The variety of bright colors and chunky patterns makes it really hard to choose a favorite. What a clever way of taking knitting to a whole new level.”  quoted from: Design Milk Article

Maggie ❤

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