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NU-OVO – “The egg”

29 Feb

The italian architect Paolo Maldott took inspiration from a well known protein source and created a mobile egg. As the buyer can use it for whatever you want. An office? A bed? It´s your choice!


The “shell” is waterproof so you can use it as your own personal space indoors and outdoors. The egg can be closed by sliding the door, and has enough space for two people.


I got the inspiration from: Modernarchitectureconsept

Maggie ❤

The Bold, but Beautiful GUDPAKA LAMP, by GT2P!

28 Feb

The Alpaca wool lampshade is bold but beautiful…

I do fancy this oversized lampshade made out of alpaca wool.  Alpaca, for those who don´t know is a South American lama like creature with shaggy hair. I the lamp  is bold, fun, creative and beautiful!

I love looking at the lampshade from every single angle! Love it!! It´s created by a Chilean studio, Great Things to People (gt2P)!

Maggie ❤

What about some funny plates?

25 Feb

The Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski designed some very funny ceramic plates! 

The fact that he “encourages” us to play with our food is appealing and funny. By using simple drawings, the plates will make your food look completely different.. I will definitely buy some!

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Maggie ❤

A Deeper Look at the Nautilus – The Snail Shell Dwelling

22 Feb

This is the Nautilus! A couple in Naucalpan, Mexico decided that they wanted an unconventional home. So they hired the designer Javier Senosiain’s  and Senosiain Arquitectos to draw a unique, snail-shell shaped house. The house is an amazing combination of colors and shapes. It´s a  work of mind bending architecture and art.

The designer calls the place a sparkling example of  “Bio-Architecture”. “The building is based on the natural principles of organic forms bring us back to local history, tradition and cultural roots, in turn creating harmony with nature.”

Quotes and the pictures are from Inhabitat and Spotcoolstuff.

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What a difference a pattern can make!

16 Feb

Oh, do I love patterns? I do, I do, I do, I do!

Maggie ❤

The wooden bakery

15 Feb

Since it´s breakfast time, I thought I should blog about a “themed” topic.

The Baker D. Chirico store in Carlton, Australia has an appearance quite different from any  other bakery i´ve seen.

The shelves are made to individual fit  the different loaf sizes and cools the bread when it comes out of the oven. The  chopping board looking counter has a built in scale, cutting board and a crumb collector.

The “creators” are called Fabio Ongarato Design they did not only design  the architecture/design of the inside, but also the decor on the paper products. I think they did an amazing job in creating a bakery that stands out!


Maggie ❤

“I also want to live in a Garden Shed”

2 Feb

Ever dreamt about going somewhere far away not physical, but mentally? Far, far away from everything? Well, here is your solution. Why not live in a garden shed, surrounded with ONLY nature? In my case norwegian nature.. Sounds like paradise to me!

Imagine waking up in a glass bedroom, on the waterside of a remote Scandinavian island!

The only thing that surrounds you is green scenery!

I read about this amazing garden shed at: Mimi Paris.

The shed is created by the Finnish designer,  Linda Bergroth which uses it as a summer cottage. It´s their spare bedroom in the summer! It´s just a normal shed customized by adding a wooden floor and solar panels. The stairs and pavings are made from local recycled bricks. Want to buy a shed? Garden Shed!

Am I the only one who wants to live here!!

   Maggie ❤

The Little Design Stall

24 Jan

Welcome guys!

The Little Design Stall is my little baby project. I´ve always wanted share the stuff that I love, so why not do it! Whats been keeping me from doing it? A lot of stuff like school, friends and other social stuff that I let come in the way. So here I am again fully motivated to make this an amazing blog about, interior decorating, art, design and much MUCH more!

Hope you LOVE it as much as I do!

Maggie ❤

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