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3 Apr


Found this amazing bed at Weheartit! Love it! It´s like a fairytale! A little piece of paradise!

Maggie ❤


“I also want to live in a Garden Shed”

2 Feb

Ever dreamt about going somewhere far away not physical, but mentally? Far, far away from everything? Well, here is your solution. Why not live in a garden shed, surrounded with ONLY nature? In my case norwegian nature.. Sounds like paradise to me!

Imagine waking up in a glass bedroom, on the waterside of a remote Scandinavian island!

The only thing that surrounds you is green scenery!

I read about this amazing garden shed at: Mimi Paris.

The shed is created by the Finnish designer,  Linda Bergroth which uses it as a summer cottage. It´s their spare bedroom in the summer! It´s just a normal shed customized by adding a wooden floor and solar panels. The stairs and pavings are made from local recycled bricks. Want to buy a shed? Garden Shed!

Am I the only one who wants to live here!!

   Maggie ❤

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