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The Tree Hotel!

18 Mar

Ever wanted to live in trees? Well in Harads, Sweden you do have the opportunity. Maybe not the “Tarzan style”,  but I wound not mind living in these really creative, unordinary “tree houses”. These rooms are created by the really unique architectural firm Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. The Treehotel is a hotel situated in a Boreal forest! Not only can you live in an amazing room, you have a wonderful view of a beautiful forest. It´s located at the far north of Sweden close to the Arctic circle!

“The functions included provide for a living for two people; a double bed, a small bath room, a living room and a roof terrace. Access to the cabin is by a rope bridge connected to the next tree.”

“To prevent birds colliding with the reflective glass, a transparent ultraviolet colour is laminated into the glass panes which are visible for birds only.”

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Here is the link for the hotel (the quotes are from here), where you could book a stay and see more amazing pictures!

Maggie ❤


What about a tree on the wall?

28 Jan



I have always found it fascinating with trees on the wall. I honestly don´t know why it´s fascinating, but I find it calming with some nature elements indoors. (Even though it´s wallpaper)

So tell me what do you think?

 This one is my favorite! The contrast against the white wall is really strong and powerful! I also found these pictures, which uses the tree not only as decor, but in an original “functional” way: 

This last one, is also pretty cool!

Maggie ❤

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