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What about some funny plates?

25 Feb

The Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski designed some very funny ceramic plates! 

The fact that he “encourages” us to play with our food is appealing and funny. By using simple drawings, the plates will make your food look completely different.. I will definitely buy some!

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Maggie ❤


Tableware, that tells you what to cook!

24 Jan

Dan Golden, a New York  based art & design studio designed a collection of tableware

and pillows for CB2. The pieces launched about a week ago. This collection consists of clean-lined tableware with a modern twist.

I am definitely buying a couple of plates, when my payday comes. I´m a sucker for tableware, unfortunately.. And how can I not love plates, that “tell” you what to cook!! I love how a simple plate can become

so funny and modern at once and still remain classic! It just makes me want to cook and serve it on a Dan Golden Plate.

Where to buy it? Click here for Dan Golden´s Tableware

Maggie ❤

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